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Leeve is based on a MEET & PASS system. Once the perfect profile has been created (see How to make friends on Leeve), you will land on the main page, ie the profiles of other Leevers with whom you can match, or you can choose to pass them. How does it work?

  • MEET

A Meet is a friend request. You automatically have 10 meets per day, so don’t hesitate to send them all! And if you want some more, you can always send your invitation code to your friends, or watch an ad, and get 5 bonus-meets. For more information, please read How to have more than 10 meets a day on Leeve? To send a meet, all you need to do is swipe right, or just click on the Meet button to send your request. 

  • PASS

If a profile is not interesting to you, and you don’t wish to speak with that Leever, pass them. Passes are unlimited, but if you pass everyone, it kind of loses its point, don’t you think? Moreover, you are bound to see, at one point, the same profiles. To pass a profile, all you need to do is swipe left, or just click on the Pass button to see another profile. 


The SEE MORE button allows you to find out more about the Leever in question. Simply click on the “See more” button, or swipe up, and you will see the complete profile of that person, their pictures, visited countries, hobbies, spoken languages, or their status. Enough to convince you to match or pass! Hence the importance of having the best profile possible ;)

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Hi! I'm Marie, I'm one of the business developers at Leeve. Traveling, meeting people from different cultures, learning and speaking different languages... Those have always been passions of mine. Because traveling is a way of meeting new people, thinking differently and to being open-minded, we want to offer these experiences to everyone with Leeve!

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