How to make friends on Leeve?

How to make friends on Leeve?

How to make friends on Leeve?

April 15, 2020 | FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

You are new on Leeve (Welcome!) or you’re struggling to make friends on the app. How to improve your chances of meeting people?

1) Create a good profile

Having a good profile is first and foremost having a complete profile. To this end, start by giving the basic information (first name, birthday…) and take the time to fill in carefully the rest of your profile. Start by adding a picture of you, we all prefer to know who we are talking to! Add one or two nice photos if you feel like it. Show who you are, because this is the first thing Leevers will pay attention to. Give them a reason to learn more about you.

About languages. Fill in the “spoken languages” as truthfully as possible, and don’t hesitate to select several desired languages! We advise you to select at least 5 of them, which will allow you to see more profiles and therefore meet more people. Same goes for hobbies, choose as many hobbies as you want, to find Leevers which suit you!

2) Meets

Each Leever has 10 meets per day. Send them all! These friend requests cannot be cumulated from one day to the other, so don’t hesitate to send 10 requests a day. Have you sent all 10 meets and still want more? See our #FAQ article How to get more than 10 meets a day on Leeve?

Don’t hesitate to accept all friend requests that you receive as well. Maybe the Leever which wants to get in touch with you doesn’t correspond exactly to the profile you are looking for, but, hey, you are here to make some friends, speak foreign languages, discover a new culture… Why not start broadening your perspectives right now?

3) Speak!

When you match with someone, don’t hesitate to take the lead, ask questions to that person! Talk about the countries which you have both visited, try to speak in their native language if you can. But don’t forget to be yourself. You are not on Leeve to find your soulmate, so no pressure. This is the best tip we can give you!

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Hi! I'm Sarra, I'm one of the business developers at Leeve. Traveling, meeting people from different cultures, learning and speaking different languages... Those have always been passions of mine. Because traveling is a way of meeting new people, thinking differently and to being open-minded, we want to offer these experiences to everyone with Leeve!

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