Our 10 favourite Instagram accounts for language lovers

Our 10 favourite Instagram accounts for language lovers

Our 10 favourite Instagram accounts for language lovers

May 19, 2020 | Languages

As you probably already know, we try to be active on social networks, to offer you a lot of content, great tips and deals. Because we like to take care of you and do everything we can for you. And since, at Leeve, we love accounts dedicated to languages and travels, we have decided to introduce you to our 10 favourite Instagram accounts!


Let’s take it slow, with an account that post every day a meme or a post found on other social networks. You can learn about small elements of different languages, such as the decision of the French Academy to talk about “La coronavirus”. Or the hardship that have polyglots when they need to find the transparent words from one language to another. No, this is really painful for us, stop laughing. Anyways, we didn’t need anything else to love it!

Their IG account: @sabe.languages


Thanks to the @ohlalafrenchcourse account, manage by Manon, a French teacher, you will not learn French from school, but you will learn how to navigate the troubled waters of French slang, “verlan” and idioms. And if you want to take it one step further, you can also discover her website! Ideal for expats who wish to master our beautiful language to perfection. You rock, Manon.

Her IG account: @ohlalafrenchcourse

Her website: https://www.ohlalafrenchcourse.com/


This is kind of the same principle as the previous account! We will discover here some nice French idioms, a bit of slang, and most of all, vocabulary, which will be helpful if you are learning French. What is also pleasant (or completely appalling, as my students who were learning French liked to point out), are the posts which introduce French homonyms! If you want to go even further, we can join the Facebook group of this account.

Her IG account: @speakFrenchlikeaboss


As its name suggests, @languagesmeme is an account gathering a whole lot of memes related to languages. What is particularly valuable is the diversity of the languages incorporated in the account’s feed, which makes it relatable for everyone around the world. While you are giggling behind your screen, you can also get better by talking with people from all over the world in the comments!

Their IG account: @languagesmeme


What we like with Nas Alive, is that, in addition to posting posts explaining idioms from around the world, he also posts a lot of videos with the different ways to speak about something or how to say this or that. For example, how to say I love you in 16 different languages? You’ll see, thanks to him, no need for Tinder, you will be able to be your own Casanova during each of your trips.

His IG account: @nas.alive


Let’s put Instagram accounts dedicated to languages to the side for a minute and let’s switch to an account which is more travel-oriented, even though Rodo is a real polyglot. On his feed, you will see landscaped from his different trips, but also discover places where to eat if your vegetarian, for example, or benefit from free language courses!

His IG account: @rodogaa


And we go back to an account specialized in linguistic memes! Because, let’s be honest, there is never enough memes in our feed and in our lives. And, kind of like @sabe.languages, you will also find posts coming from other social networks, especially Tumblr, where sarcasm and self-mockery are kings. Only the gang will know what I am talking about

Their IG account: @speakflex


With Léa, coach and English teacher, you will be able to get better quickly! This account is aimed at French people who want to improve their linguistic skills. She will help you with vocabulary, will explain idiom, such as Pardon my French, which will help you to reach the next level in your learning journey!

Her IG account: @lea__english


Here, you can follow Michelle, who is a polyglot, in her journey to language learning, thank to her feed, which is - in my opinion - very soothing. Michelle will not teach you a language strictly speaking, but will give you tips and pieces of advice to learn one yourself.

Her IG account: @michelle.languages


For this last account, why not go for one very structured feed, which will regularly offer you sentences, verbs or words in six different languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian! You can also ask for private lessons, if you want to go further in your language learning journey!

Their IG account: @languagesssss

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