The 20 best apps to travel

The 20 best apps to travel

The 20 best apps to travel

May 7, 2020 | Travel

Traveling has never been so easy. It’s true, with the internet and smartphones, we know everything, whenever and wherever. Well… If you have the right apps! It is not when you will be discovering the most remote parts of the world like Lara Croft that you will be able to download them!

To help you become a stress-free Lara, we came up with a list of 20 apps that you should definitely download on your phone.

1) Skyscanner

Quite useful to compare the best prices for flights all around the world, whether it be for a legacy airline or a low cost one. The great thing about Skyscanner is the price calendar for a given destination is spread across a whole month, which allows us to have a good insight and choose the lowest price! Perfect to travel on a whim, or add one more destination to your trip without going bankrupt.

2) VoyagesPirates

Every day, VoyagesPirates offers good plans to travel. Whether it be for a weekend,  an all-inclusive stay, a hotel or a flight, there is something there for you. What I like with this app, is that it is really easy to create customized alerts: all you need to do is create an account, and choose the filters you are interested in… That way, you will never miss a good plan!

3) Airline apps

Yes, I’ll just say it like that, I mean, naming just one would be useless, and naming them all would make for a never-ending list. You don’t want that, huh? Yeah, me neither. Anyways, having the app of the airline you are traveling with is very useful: you can download your tickets on your phone, be directly informed if there is a delay, or get up  the flight board because OF COURSE you don’t know which gate to go to… And it also works with trains and buses!

4) Couchsurfing

If you want to be as close as possible to the culture of a country and sleeping on the couch doesn’t bother you, this app was made for you! Couchsurfing is not just a cheap way of finding accomodation, it is a real experience, made of encounters, exchanges and sharing. And that, my friend, is beautiful.

5) AirBnB

The easy peasy lemon squeezy way of doing Bed & Breakfast! Still staying with a host, but this time you have your room, or even the whole flat to yourself. Well, of course, you have to pay for it, but the rates are affordable, and it gives you more privacy than hostels. 

6) Your bank’s app

Once more, listing all of them wouldn’t be of much use, but it is important to have the app of your bank on your smartphone. It will allow you to keep an eye on your spendings during your trip, without using a web browser every time. It takes time and depending on where you are, it can quickly use all of your 4G and dig a hole in your budget. It’s a bit counterintuitive. Whereas the app lets you see your bank account with just a few taps and refreshes only when you ask, saving your 4G and that sparks joy. 

7) XE Currency

Maths are not my cup of tea. So, when I am shopping for groceries abroad, I have to add up everything to get the total amount AND convert it to euros in my head, I might as well just lie down in the aisle of the supermarket and cry. But with a converter, such as XE Currency, you have access to hundreds of exchange rates, which are updated often. And you can now use it to transfer money abroad!

8) Tricount

Yes, I talk about money a lot, but finances are important when you are traveling! And to travel with friends, Tricount is the best. After all, good accounts make good friends, don’t they? With this app, all you need to do is subscribe, enter your expenses, and Tricount will take care of the rest: who owes what to Giselle, for instance. Even then, if nobody will confess to raiding the chocolate, Cold War is inevitable...


Why do we like more than Google Maps? Because lets us download the maps we need so that we don’t have to use any internet connection! Which is extremely useful when getting lost in a remote part of the world. At least, you won’t have to sell your kidney on the black market to pay for your data charges.

10) Wifispc

Well, not vital, but still noteworthy. This app gives you a list of all Wifi networks available around you, as well as the passwords needed, which are constantly updated by the users of the app. That’s one way to not have your internet fees soar drastically abroad!

11) Zagat

Time to eat! But where can we find a good restaurant, cheap enough, with nice service and a pretty environment? With this app, you can look for the perfect restaurant for you, based on those criteria, with the opinions of experts, and therefore spend more time enjoying a meal instead of losing friends over an argument about where to eat. 

12) Happy Cow

If you are vegetarian or vegan, this app is for you! You will be able to find the meat-free restaurants around you in just a few clicks. The goal of this app is to make healthy food accessible to everyone. And just for that, we say bravo.

13) Express VPN

For one, it will keep you safe when connecting to public wifi. Secondly, it is very, very, VERY useful in some countries where certain websites are limited or blocked. How would I have watched my series that just came out when I was in China otherwise?!

14) Polarsteps

The great thing about Polar steps is that the app records your route automatically. Well, when I say it like that, it sounds like Big Brother, but with this route you can create nice postcards, on which you can add whatever you wish: text, photos, videos… You can even turn it into an album once your trip is over!

15) Google Translate

Usually, if you are in a big city, you will find translations in English quite easily. But the Google Translate app is still a must-have for your travels: the direct translation functionality could save you, either to find your way or choose a dish in a restaurant. The app is even available without any connection!

16) Whatsapp

Like any other communication app, Whatsapp allows you to communicate free of additional charges with whoever you like and wherever you are. Well, of course, when I say free of additional charges, try not to use it in the US with your French bundle, you might be in for a nasty surprise. In the same vein, there is Messenger, which doesn’t need introduction, or WeChat, necessary if you are traveling in Asia, especially in countries where access to Facebook and Google is limited.

17) Leeve

From a purely objective, completely selfless point of view, I think we can say that Leeve is the best app when it comes to languages and meeting people. Leeve enables you to meet international and local people who use the app in your city or all over the world thanks to the Leeve Passport functionality, which will arrive very soon on the app. What more can we ask for?

Download it on Google Play & iOS

18) Refill My Bottle

Rather than buying 50 bottles of water per day, Refill My Bottle lets you find the places where you can fill your bottle up for free or for a small fee. Firstly, the environment will thank you. Secondly, the app lets you have a glimpse of your ecological impact. Last of all, It tells you if you’ve drunk enough water during the day. Conclusion: stay hydrated with Refill My Bottle.

19) Flush

Okay, imagine that the water you’ve just swallowed wasn’t that great and made you sick. Like turista sick. You will be happy to have downloaded Flush. You just need to activate your  GPS and open the app to find the nearest toilet around you as fast as possible. You’re welcome.

20) First Aid

I really hope with all my heart that you will never need this last app, which you should have whether you are traveling or not. Personally, my last first aid training goes back to my Defense Preparation Day. You get my meaning. In case of emergency, First Aid will tell you what to do, and perhaps save a life. The art of finishing on a dramatic note.

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