The My Community space

The My Community space

The My Community space

March 25, 2020 | Leevers community

The My Community space

What is it?

My Community is a collaborative space specially designed by our developers for Leeve. My Community On Leeve is a specialized tool to help with social, linguistic and cultural integration, but is also  a communication and visibility tool. 

What can it be used for?

Not only does it facilitate your community members’ cultural and linguistic integration, it also allows them to connect, strengthen the bond between your community and you and to be better known. 

The principle is to offer your community the necessary tools for their social integration when traveling. With this app, companies can strengthen their employer brand and  bring together their teams scattered across the entire world, and schools and universities will be able to put in touch your students and alumni before, during and after their stays abroad and on the campuses. Interested? Get in touch!

For who?

My Community is for companies or organisation which send and welcome people in mobility, such as travel agencies, au pair, private schools, universities, banks, travel insurances, etc. Leeve is mostly active in France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia… In the whole world!

How does it work? 

If you wish to get your My Community On Leeve space, send us an email at we will create the space, depending on your criteria. Then, all you will have to do is invite your community, and animate it with your administrator space!

Your administrator space is available on computer, tablet or smartphone to allow your team to manage and animate your discussion groups, share your news, contact your community, and analyse data. 

What are the benefits for me and my community?

Whether your are a higher education establishment or a company, you will be able to bring together and animate your community in one place, and keep track of their activity, thanks to Big Data. Thanks to your logo, which can be seen on the profile of every member of your community, you will gain visibility from all our users, ie more than 20,000 people. My Community also allows for an easy communication between you and your community, as well as a greater responsiveness. 

Your community, in addition to being in close contact with other members, can prepare their trips and meet people who share their interests on the platform, and that anywhere in the world thanks to the Leeve Passport functionality, which normally comes with a fee, but is free for your community.

For more information, demo or quote request, send us an email at See you soon on Leeve !

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Hi! I'm Sarra, I'm one of the business developers at Leeve. Traveling, meeting people from different cultures, learning and speaking different languages... Those have always been passions of mine. Because traveling is a way of meeting new people, thinking differently and to being open-minded, we want to offer these experiences to everyone with Leeve!

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