Writing my own story by Sarra (Leever stories)

Writing my own story by Sarra (Leever stories)

Writing my own story by Sarra (Leever stories)

March 9, 2021 | Travel

It was six or seven years ago, I don’t exactly remember ! time fly’s and the corona virus didn’t help... I left Montreal city, where I opened my eyes... where I grew up ... where I spent the best years of my life! I thought by ending this experience, life would be bitter sweet. But it wasn’t exactly the case since I did not return to Tunisia my native country, I went to France and a whole new world was waiting for me.

But let’s go back to the beginning when I went to Montreal. I was 19, the perfect age to start student life for some people. It was acceptable for me but it was hard from the beginning since I was from the northern part of Africa, where it’s pretty open minded but some things are not acceptable. I was able for the first time to go to a bar to dance in a night club, to go out late at night... I felt independent and secure.

My life as a student was pretty fun, I had a part-time job at a restaurant where I was surrounded by other students. I made good money to pay my rent and life was good. I expected university to do a wild place and it was the case since I studied philosophy and literature and believe me the people I met there were so inspiring but every day at school was a new adventure. I experienced the Montreal lifestyle and enjoyed each and every aspect of the city. I spend there six years and when you spend that much time in a foreign country you grow up faster than any other person.

You get out of your comfort zone and start to build your own path ! So if you guys want to know about my adventures there, please let me know on instagram ! I will be please to let you know my story and aventures between Canada and france


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