The 10 best apps to meet people differently

The 10 best apps to meet people differently

The 10 best apps to meet people differently

20 März 2020 | Leevers community

Do you know how I am spending my confinement time? Well, I work, I write articles, I take photos, I draw, I learn languages... And I am preparing my post-confinement. I was lazily looking for meeting apps (not that kind of meetings, come on!) and I thought to myself, why Marie, maybe you are not the only one who wants to do this! Write an article! 

And that is indeed what I did. Just for you, Here is my top 10 of alternative meeting apps.

1) Wiith

You would like to meet new people, without them joining the long list of your suiters? Wiith allows you to meet people with whom you can go to events, have a drink, enjoy a meal, without it being a date. Maybe you will never speak again after that, or you will become friends, the goal of the app is simply to put you in touch with people sharing a common interest.

2) Meetup

Same idea as the app Wiith, but Meetup is older. This time, however, no meetings in a rush, we are here to create a groupe, a community. We want to discover the city, go out of our comfort zone, develop our professional network, get some support, etc. We can search whatever you want by categories, keywords, or popularity. 

3) Muzing

I love museums. I really do. But do you know what I love even more than museums? Sharing my feelings on what I discover in museums. Especially if we are talking about an art museum, with endless possibilities to create classic art memes. But it’s kind of hard to share one’s experience if one is alone, don’t you think? With Muzing, you will no longer be alone in museums: make some friends based on your cultural affinities.

4) Go’apéro

Like all good Breton person, I could not not talk about this app. Okay, let’s be clear, alright, this is not an app to drink heavily, no no, we are here first and foremost to meet people, whether it be for social get togethers or professional networking, around an activity that you are interested in. For a small fee (well, yes, beers are not going to pay themselves), you can organize or participate in a small party amongst friends. Isn’t it beautiful?

5) Need Sporty

Now that you’ve drunk all those beers comes the time to get rid of them. As well as the dry sausage (or guacamole). All you need to do is choose the sports that you want to practice amongst the 39 options available, then create an event or take part in an already scheduled activity. And the app is disabled athletes friendly.

6) Hey Vina

The app for platonic relationships amongst women! What is nice with Hey Vina, is that, beyond the one-on-one experience, there is a real desire to create a community that binds all those women around a common goal: make friends. No pressure. No innuendo. It’s as simple as that. 

7) Patook

Patook is an app strictly dedicated to friendships. So trict that there is a “no-flirting” clause is their rules. And, honestly, when we are just looking for a platonic relationship, it is extremely relaxing.

8) Couchsurfing

For this app, meeting is just a consequence of the main goal, really. You probably know the concept of Couchsurfing, where, during a trip, you can sleep on the sofa of an app-user. Well yes, of course, if you sleep on their sofa, you enter their life, and they yours. So speak, share! Who knows, maybe you will keep in touch?

9) Eatwith

I like the concept of this app. Because I love eating, indeed. Eatwith allows you to meet local people during your travels. Why go in a restaurant and eat alone when you can eat real local food and truly discover a country’s culture with a native?

10) Leeve

The best for last! While remaining completely and utterly neutral, of course. With Leeve, you can meet international and local people using the app, in your city or anywhere in the world thanks to the Leeve Passport, which will arrive very soon on the app. What more can you ask for?

Download it on Google Play : 

Download it on iOS : 

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