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What is Leeve?

Leeve is language encounters mobile app

It helps you to get a better integration in a new country/city, that you are local, backpacker, expat', exchange student or a traveler or simply a personpassionate by languages, encounters & cultures, by connecting you with international people nearby.
An app created by & for languages, cultures, travel and encounter lovers!

+ 200 languages
even regional languages &
sign languages
+ 70k members
A community of
language lovers is waiting for you

More than a meeting app, a personalize messaging

Talk to practice a language

100% free and secure messaging

You aren't sure to understand a message? You don't know how to say a word? UseGoogle translate inside Leeve. Is's free and unlimited.

We make mistake and that's fine!

You have noticed a mistake in one of your messages or those of your partner? Fix it now, the correction appears for all and will allow you & your partner to improve.


Nothing better than listining to the voice & accent of other users

nearby on app

Get to know other users thanks to their voice description.

Use the voice description to describe yourself in more than 200 languages

Once you are connected on Leeve or during your registration you can create many as you want voice descriptions to present yourself, why you are on Leeve adn what languages do you speak and wish to practice.

An app for free language encounters

Notiong more important than to be able to listen to the voice & accent of another user before chatting, it allows you to get a better understanding of what the other user is looking for, what languages they speak, his language level.

Make new friends before arriving in a new country!

Friends abroad? Use Leeve Passport

Prepare your next trip abroad

Thanks to the Leeve Passport you can easily travel & make friends before arriving in a new city/country.

You can't afford to travel? Well it's fine travel with Leeve by meeting new people worldwide.

Click on the "plane" icon, write the country's name that interest you & find new language partners.

You can't find anyone that speak the language that you are willing to practice?

Use the Leeve Passport to speak with native speakers around the world.

You may have already heard of Leeve...

We are here for you before, during, after your foreign travels.

We help our partners to facilitate your social & cultural integration in a new country thanks to languages!


Are you a school? An university? A company? You are welcoming or sending people abroad?

Strengthen your notoriety. Get stats. Spread news.

nearby on app

What is MYCO?

- Facilitate social & cultural integration with your students / members in incoming and outgoing mobility
-We support you in obtaining the Label Bienvenue en France
- Our team is in charge of everything (setting up the tool, communicating, organize webinars, being present at events such as International Days...)
A private & personalized space on Leeve, backoffice & an analytic.
Offer your community a turnkey solution for:
Practice a language for free with natives,
A space VIP to exchange great deals or activities,
Making friends before & while arriving in a new country,
Continue to travel in their own town after an aboard trip.


Bereite deine Reisen vor, lerne neue Leute kennen, übe neue Sprachen, entdecke unseren Blog


Leeve ist viel mehr als nur eine Anwendung für sprachliche Begegnungen um dich herum. Leeve ist eine Gemeinschaft von Leevers. Leeve will dir die Integration und Reiseplanung erleichtern und dir die Möglichkeit geben, überall auf der Welt kostenlos Fremdsprachen zu üben! Hier sind einige Erinnerungsfotos von unseren vergangenen Veranstaltungen, vielleicht in deiner Firma! Wenn du die Gelegenheit hast, während der verschiedenen Treffen, die Leeve dank deinen gemacht hat, Fotos zu machen, kannst du uns diese auch per E-Mail schicken : contact@leeve.fr
A picture of our event called Language Dating
Language Dating in France (organised by Leeve)
Picture of one of our French ambassador!
Mick, one of our French ambassador!
Une photo d'un de nos événements nommé Language Dating
Match & Meet with people who speak the languages you want to practice thanks to the app & during our events
Photo de nos événements : Language Dating pour faire des Language Exchange
Memories of our Language Dating in 2019
Une photo lors de nos événements
Sarra from Tunisia & Mick from France in one of our Language Dating !
Picture of one of our Language Exchange event in 2018
Language Dating in November 2018!

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